Mooring Master

We are looking for a Mooring Master to join our team.

Key responsibilities and accountabilities

  • Comply with the Top Fenders Limited Operating Manuals and Procedures provided in work pack.
  • Verifies that agreed STS operating procedures are followed and that the operation is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.
  • Inspect both client and third party STS equipment before and after each STS operation to ensure suitability for the STS operation.
  • Empowered to reject both Top Fenders Ltd and third party STS equipment if considered unsuitable and in poor condition.
  • Oversee the correct placement of primary and secondary fenders.
  • Sights and review vessels mooring equipment.
  • Conducts a pre-operations discussion with the responsible persons of involved vessels, including lightering support craft and tugs as appropriate.
  • Confirms that personnel involved in each part of the operation are properly briefed.
  • Complete JPO and review the location specific risk assessment for each STS operation.
  • Verifies joint agreement of the mooring and unmooring plans.
  • Make sure that approach and mooring operations are not attempted until there is proper and effective communication between the vessels, and the pre-mooring checks have been completed.
  • Discuss current and forecasted environmental conditions and the need for their continuous monitoring throughout the operation.
  • For ‘at sea’ transfers, discuss passage plan and agree courses/speeds for manoeuvring and mooring operations.
  • Supervise vessels approach and manoeuvring alongside.
  • Ensure operational updates, including fatigue management is provided as regularly as communications allow.
  • Ensure time sheet tally’s with operational updates.
  • Confirms that all required reports are made to the appropriate authorities.
  • Ensures that all required checklist are duly completed and submitted.
  • Oversee the safe connection of transfer hoses/arms and associated emergency release systems (ERS).
  • Verifies that any emergency shut down (ESD) system is properly connected and tested.
  • Confirms that cargo transfer rates are being monitored together with associated vapour management procedures.
  • Verifies that the integrity of the mooring arrangement is continuously monitored.
  • Ensure that the contingency plans are activated in the event of an emergency.
  • Verifies that cargo transfer lines are properly drained and, where required, purged.
  • Ensures hoses are safely disconnected and secured with blank flanges/hose flange covers. The blank flanges / hose flange covers must be fully bolted at all times when not being used.
  • Supervise the unmooring and the separation of vessels.
  • Supervises the return of primary and secondary fenders and transfer equipment to safe storage.
  • Duly report incidents and near miss in compliance with procedure (TFL-HSE-PRD-REF-03- Incident Reporting Process & TFL-HSE-PRD-REF-03- -Near Miss Reporting Process)

Current schedule requires our mooring masters to be off the shore of Lome, Togo in 4 weeks on / 4 weeks off rotation.