Mooring Master

We are looking for a Mooring Master to join our team.

The role
Act as POAC for Top Fenders, completing STS operations in Lome, Togo in accordance with TF
policies and procedures and OCIMF guidelines.

Main job function
• Act as brand ambassador for Top Fenders
• Act as POAC for STS operations both underway and at anchor
• Comply with procedures and OCIMF STS Checklists
• Always maintain safe operations and be prepared to stop the job
• Inspect and deploy STS equipment correctly
• Confidently lead Joint Plan of Operations
• Complete safety rounds and checks
• Report near miss and incidents
• Carrying out additional tasks as directed by STS Superintendent/Head of HSEQ.

Candidate specification
• Masters COC
• Valid DCE
• Ship simulator course
• Valid medical
• All STCW certificates
• Knowledge of local area of work
• Adaptable & Flexible, proven record of achievement within marine STS operations.
• Confident communicator

Key responsibilities
In addition to the above, and when acting as POAC, the role will require the following;
• Act as a brand ambassador for TFL.
• Comply with the Top Fenders Limited Operating procedures and OCIMF STS check lists.
• Verifies that agreed STS operating procedures are followed and that the operation is conducted in compliance with all applicable regulatory requirements.
• Thoroughly reviews the STS compatibility check list outcome and ensure compliance with Operational Advice Message (OAM) from operations team.
• Coordinates with operation team to gather information and ensure a mooring plan is prepared well in advance.
• Inspects both client and 3rd party related STS equipment before and after each STS operation to ensure suitability for the STS operation.
• Use empowerment authority to reject both Top Fenders Ltd and 3rd party STS equipment if considered unsuitable for STS operation.
• Oversees the correct placement of primary and secondary fenders.
• Conducts a safety round upon boarding STS vessel and reviews vessels mooring equipment.
• Conducts a pre-operation discussion with the responsible persons of both STS vessels, including lightering support craft and tugs as appropriate.
• Confirms that personnel involved in each part of the operation are properly briefed and understand their responsibilities.
• Effectively leads the Joint Plan of Operations meeting with both vessels Masters’ to discuss and agree following points where applicable;

  • Emphasize that safety of operation is TFL top priority;
  • Location specific risk assessment for each STS operation;
  • Approach, mooring, anchoring and unmooring plan;
  • TFL Weather criteria for operation, including current and forecasted weather conditions and the need for their continuous monitoring throughout the operation;
  • Agree with both vessels that approach and mooring operations must not be attempted until there is a proper and an effective communication between the vessels, and the pre-mooring checks have been completed;
  • For ‘at sea’ transfers, discuss passage plan and agree courses/speeds for manoeuvring and mooring operations;
  • Supervise vessels approach and manoeuvring alongside;
  • Requirements for safety rounds to prevent any incidents;
  • Hose connection, suspension draining and disconnection procedure;
  • Specifies importance of open, clear communication and compliance with Mooring
  • Master’s advice

• Advises the Master(s) of the critical phases of the cargo transfer, mooring and unmooring operation;
• Ensures operational updates, including fatigue management is provided regularly to LSV.
• Ensure time sheet tally’s with operational updates.
• Confirms that all required reports are made to the appropriate authorities.
• Ensures that all required checklists are duly completed and submitted.
• Oversees the safe connection of transfer hoses/arms and associated emergency release systems (ERS).
• Verifies that any emergency shut down (ESD) system is properly connected and tested.
• Confirms that cargo transfer rates are being monitored together with associated vapour management procedures.
• Verifies that the integrity of the mooring arrangement is continuously monitored.
• Ensure that the contingency plans are activated in the event of an emergency.
• Verifies that cargo transfer lines are properly drained and, where required, purged.
• Ensures hoses are safely disconnected and secured with blank flanges/hose flange covers. The blank flanges / hose flange covers must be fully bolted always when not being used.
• Supervises the unmooring and the separation of vessels.
• Supervises the return of primary and secondary fenders and transfer equipment to safe storage.
• Duly report incidents and near miss in compliance with company procedure providing all necessary details in a timely manner.
• Mooring Master should not sign any documents related to cargo quantity or quality, except
LOP (for receipt only)

• An appropriate management level deck license (Master’s COC > 3000 GRT)
• Completion of 50 STS operations acting as POAC;
• Attendance at suitable ship-handling course;
• Thorough knowledge of the geographic transfer area and surrounding areas; and
• Thorough knowledge of the STS Plan.
• Dangerous Cargo Endorsement (DEC) – Oil Tanker
• Dangerous Cargo Endorsement (DEC) – Gas Tanker - if we want him to assign LPG ops
• Valid medical certificate
• 5 days STS simulator course from any Government approved maritime training institute
• Oil spill cleanup training
• Oil tanker Familiarization - (STCW - Table A-V/1-1-1)
• Gas tanker Familiarization - (STCW- Table A-V/1-2-1)
• Advance Oil Tanker Course - (STCW- Table A-V/1-1-2)
• Advance Gas Tanker Course - (STCW Table A-V/1-2-2
• Basic Fire Fighting Course - (STCW Table A-VI/1-2)
• Advanced Fire Fighting Course - (STCW Table A-VI/3)
• Personal Survival Techniques - (STCW A-VI/1-1)
• Personal Safety and Social Responsibilities - (STCW Table A-VI/1-4)
• Proficiency in Survival Craft and Rescue Boats - (STCW Table A-VI/2-2)
• ECDIS - (STCW Regulation II/2 and III/2)
• Ship Security Officers (SSO) - (STCW Table A-VI/5)
• Proficiency in Medical Care - (STCW Table A-VI/4-2)
• Bridge Team Management - (STCW Table A-II/1)
• Bridge Resource Management - (STCW Table A-II/2)
• Human Element & Leadership Management - (STCW- Regulation II/2 and III/2)

Reporting relationships
The role reports directly into the STS Super Intendent.

3 weeks on/ 3 weeks off, remuneration dependant on experience.