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Marine Superintendent

The Marine Superintendent is a member of Union Maritime’s Technical and Operations teams.  The role monitors and supports UML’s ship management providers and ships staff and ensures vessels engaged on UML business are operated to a high standard. The role also forms a link between International and WAF Operations making sure vessels transition between the businesses effectively.

To perform the role effectively the Marine Superintendent must establish relationships internally and externally with UML stakeholders (Technical, Operations and Clear Sea Marine), third party ship management providers and, most importantly, vessel senior personnel.

The Marine Superintendent should establish systems to ensure vessels are prepared for operations with respect to processes and equipment including, cargo planning, tank cleaning, STS transfers and general navigation.  These systems should include a program of vessel visits to deliver training and conduct assessments.  Where these assessments cover safety and environmental matters, the Marine Superintendent should liaise with Clear Sea Marine to co-ordinate inspection activity and reporting.

Salary: TBC


Senior Operator

The Senior Operator is part of a small operations team and is responsible for ensuring all assigned voyages are executed effectively and efficiently consistent with the terms of the fixture.

As a key member of a small organisation the role involves exposure to and responsibility for a wide range of pre and post fixture activities, including, but not limited to, participation in the pre-fixture process, recap assessment, tank cleaning, cargo planning, post fixture matters such as voyage instructions, bunker purchasing, agency appointments, voyage monitoring and optimisation, dealing with LOI, claims and invoicing.

The role has a number of key relationships internally and externally including, brokers, commercial operators, technical managers and other Group businesses.

The role also involves supervising and assisting more junior members of the team and contributing to their development.

Salary: TBC